We build places
for people,
not for cars.


Our Mission

Diana James Community Partners (DJCP) is committed to the creation of thriving communities where every member feels financially and emotionally invested in the place where they live. We know that a healthy, productive community values diversity, encompassing differences in ethnicity, race, religion, age, occupation, income and lifestyle. We build places for people, not for cars.
We execute a cohesive end-to-end product development and delivery process. Our combined experience encompasses industrial design, manufacturing, advanced materials, product management, architecture, building and assembly, software development, urban design, city planning, community engagement and policy.  Our infill development process is inspired by our community’s history and our commitment to creative legacy place-making projects that prioritize connectivity.


Sustainability and


Forward Thinking

These are exciting times - great changes are happening to our way of living.  Urbanization has become an unstoppable mega-trend, and the need for a variety of housing and living spaces have grown accordingly. Architects, designers, and developers are challenged to think about cubic feet instead of square feet, about multi-functionality and mobility, about new materials, self-sufficiency, and different family patterns in order to meet the requirements of city dwellers.

Changes are also occurring in the ways we arrange ourselves and fit out our space because the places we occupy are not merely a roof over our head and a possible investment. Our homes, where we eat and shop, and workplaces are perceived today as part of our personal development and narrative - and perhaps most importantly – they are the foundation for our wishes for a good life. We cultivate individual plans and furnishings with infill development projects for growth, multiplicity, and options.